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for Entrepreneurs

Connected’s Purpose


To ensure that every aspiring entrepreneur has equitable access to the essential resources of land, labor, capital, knowledge, and entrepreneurial support, mirroring the opportunities historically enjoyed by dominant industry leaders in America’s past, thus fostering a diverse and inclusive landscape for the pursuit of entrepreneurial happiness.


To serve all businesses who identify as the global majority with resources to start, scale, and sustain their entrepreneurial endeavors.


The Connected Trust is a microlender serving suburban businesses that identify as the global majority (aka, BIPoC), women, or veteran business owners, leaders, and learners. We’re a place to start, scale, and sustain a business in a safe place

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs by fostering a community of risk-takers, problem-solvers, and leaders? We achieve this by connecting them with like-minded professionals, offering essential resources, strengthening their business infrastructure, and facilitating access to liquid capital.


Embracing an uncommon commitment to promoting collaboration, aiming to enhance the inclusivity of resources for small businesses, particularly reaching out to those who have been marginalized or excluded from traditional avenues.

Our Goals:

Give a central location for freelancers and small businesses

Increase the opportunity for entrepreneurs to collaborate

Provide business resources for operational support

Create better data points for entrepreneurship and small businesses not within metropolitans


More information will be coming soon. We thank you for your patience and look forward to financially serving those who want the opportunity to join the Entrepreneur journey.


We’re encouraged to provide collaborative and non-competitive…. This isn’t an exhaustive or comprehensive list. If you’d like to be on it, please email us at


• Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon • Microlender • Portland  •

• Oregon Association for Minority Entrepreneurs • Microlender • Portland •


• Pop-Local • Retail Store • Vancouver •

business services

• NDUB Brand • Marketing Agency • Vancouver  •


• The Crick • Restaurant and Winery • Portland  •


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